Delivering The Party Since 1946

Based in Columbus, Georgia, B & B Beverage Company serves over 250,000 including the 5th largest military base in the United States, Fort Benning. Our portfolio of beverages consists of more than 250 premium, domestic, craft and import beer, wine and high-end liquor products as well as 30 non- alcohol and bottled water products. B & B Beverage Co. was first founded in 1946 as a small-to-midsize beverage distributing company to serve the needs of a thirsty and growing community. It has been a local family-owned and operated business for two generations. David Lewis, Jr. purchased the company in March, 1962 after serving as General Manager since 1958.


The original warehouse was located in downtown Columbus on 12th Street, then later moved to Bud Drive in the Bradley Industrial Park. B & B Beverage Co.'s facilities have since moved to their current location of West Hamilton Park Dr. in North Columbus. This move was made in order to accommodate a growing clientele and demand for their high quality products throughout the Columbus, GA area. B & B Beverage Co. carried Anheuser-Busch products exclusively for the first 60 years until roughly 2005 when the company expanded its product line to craft beers and energy drinks. Then, in 2011 added wine and in 2012 added liquor.

Today, B & B Beverage continues to deliver the highest quality products, while maintaining the strong values that were started 50-plus years ago.


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