About Us

Based in Columbus, Georgia, B & B Beverage Company serves over 250,000 customers, including Fort Benning, the fifth-largest military base in the United States. Our portfolio of beverages includes more than 250 premium, domestic, craft and import beer, wine and high-end liquor products as well as 30 non-alcohol and bottled-water products. B & B Beverage Co. was first founded in 1946 as a small-to-midsize beverage distributing company to serve the needs of a thirsty and growing community. It has been a local family-owned and -operated business for two generations. David Lewis, Jr., purchased the company in March, 1962 after serving as General Manager since 1958. 

Today, B & B Beverage continues to deliver the highest-quality products, while maintaining the strong values that were started 50-plus years ago.