Elysian Brewing Company

Elysian Space Dust IPA

Space Dust

ABV: 8.2% | IBU: 73 | Availability: Year Round

The hopping is pure starglow energy, with Chinook to bitter and late and dry additions of Citra and Amarillo.

Dayglow IPA

ABV: 7.4% | IBU: Stuck in the mid-sixties | Availability: Year Round

A touch of wheat hazes the malt bill, softening this bright and crisp IPA. Dayglow is packed with juicy hops featuring pineapple and tropical fruit flavors and aromas.

Elysian Dayglow
Elysian Bifrost


ABV: 8.3% | IBU: 58 | Availability: Seasonal

Pours golden with orange highlights. Smells alluringly sweet like caramel apples with a little spice and orange zest. Taste is bold and balanced with a good amount of citrus and earthy hop bitters to offset the malt character. Finishes dry with a bit of fruit.

Split Shot

ABV: 6.0% | IBU: 28 | Availability: Seasonal

Split Shot combines the local talents of Elysian Brewing and Stumptown Coffee in a deliciously smooth, very Northwest beer.

Elysian Split Shot