‘Merica: Celebrate The Fourth With These Patriotic Brews


00018200004735_CF__RWBThe Fourth of July is a celebration of declaring American independence. It’s a celebration of everything that is America. Turn your patriotism on full blast this holiday by saying a toast to the Red, White and Blue with these patriotic brews.

Patriotic Beers:

  • Budweiser. In 1876, two American icons were built from the ground up, and 139 years later they still stand today. This summer, America’s beer meets America’s monument. Budweiser is digging deep into its American roots by featuring Lady Liberty on all of its aluminum and can packaging.


  • Yuengling. Anything from this brewery will work because after all it is America’s oldest brewery—you can’t get more patriotic than that! Founded in 1829, D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc., is the story of the American dream and one immigrant family’s determination to build their own legacy in their new country. In 2012, Yuengling Traditional Lager was labeled ‘America’s #1 Beer’ and in 2015, the brewery outranked Samuel Adams as the top selling U.S. craft brand.


  • Jekyll ‘Merican. When you’re craving a beer with flavor this Fourth grab a ‘Merican Amber. Rich with earth tones, a caramel backbone, slightly spicy taste and bitter-floral aroma, ‘Merican is true to Jekyll_Merican_labelstyle of an American Amber Ale. It’s name alone makes this Georgia brew a patriotic duty.


Celebrate America’s birthday as our forefathers intended, with these patriotic brews. Cheers, America!